UniFly, an award-winning Spin-off company of VITO (Flemish institute for technological research), is specialized in aviation software development for Unmanned Aircraft Systems or drones. The primary goal of UniFly is to facilitate the safe integration of drones into the aviation system via its unique UTM (Unmanned air Traffic Management) platform. The usage of drones in our airspace is expanding rapidly; in many applications such as inspection, mapping and security, drones become a standard tool. A completely new industry is emerging worldwide. Drones are however too small to be detected by traditional air traffic control radar systems that currently safeguard our airspace. THE challenge for the industry is to ensure cohabitation of manned and unmanned in a safe manner. UniFly has designed an open, cloud-based, software platform that can be used stand-alone or can be connected to the (inter)national ATM (Air Traffic Management) systems and other applications.