Creating companies

Through the strategic relationship with its partner universities, Qbic Fund has early and privileged exposure to promising spin-off projects. The Qbic team will partner with founders to help them transition their promising project from proof-of-concept stage to successful venture, from knowledge to business.

Qbic Venture Partners has the required experience and processes in place to assist founders in fine-tuning business plans if needed. In-depth commercial, technology, IP and financial due diligence will help to promptly identify any gaps and will ensure that they can be properly addressed before the project is formally spun out.

We at Qbic Venture Partners are strong believers that management is key to success in any venture. Notwithstanding the merit of any given business plan, a driven, competent and complementary team that can make the right management decisions and can execute them seamlessly, is a prerequisite for success of any start-up. Qbic will support founders in putting together the right teams and will spend considerable time and effort in providing continued support over the first years of the spin-off’s lifetime.

Qbic Fund can act as the lead investor and assist in putting together investor syndicates.  The Qbic Fund size will allow for follow-up investments and continuing support for the spin-off.