A pioneering strategic alliance

Qbic Fund, a joint inter-university venture capital fund, is the first in its kind in Belgium, and one of the first in Europe.  Jointly the Ghent, Brussels and Antwerp university associations and VITO, fund over 8,500 researchers, employ more than 70 tech transfer professionals and put over € 8 million Industrial Research Funding per annum to work.  The resulting inter-university spin-off deal flow pipeline is sizeable and most promising.

Qbic Fund will actively and continuously seek to identify the right spin-out opportunities and to capitalize on the scientific excellence of the alliance.  With over € 40 million under management Qbic Fund is one of the largest university spin-off funds in the Benelux. Its mission will consist of providing seed and early stage financing to spin-off projects of the Ghent, Brussels and Antwerp university associations. The funds will be managed by Qbic Venture Partners, a dedicated team consisting of 5 seasoned professionals.

Qbic Venture Partners also works closely together with the Flemish Strategic Research Centers (SRCs: IBBT, IMEC and VIB) to spin off ventures based on joint research projects between the SRCs and one of Qbic Fund’s partner universities, colleges and university hospitals.