Aphea.Bio develops sustainable agricultural products based on natural microorganisms to increase crop yields and to protect them against specific fungal diseases. Aphea.Bio distinguishes itself through its unique technology platform and its expertise to isolate, cultivate and exploit the so far unexplored microbial space. Aphea.Bio’s applications are focused on staple crops such as wheat, barley and maize, the most valuable European and global market opportunities.


Responsible: Jean Van Nuwenborg

Blue Foot Membranes

Blue Foot Membranes NV is a a spin off from VITO and has been incorporated to commercialize years of intensive research at VITO to develop a next generation, Integrated Permeate ChannelTM or IPCTM  filters for Membrane Bio-Reactor (MBR) applications in the field of water treatment.


Responsible: Sofie Baeten


Laminaria has developed a buoy to convert wave energy into electricity.  The submerged device undergoes tilting and translating motion in waves, which is transferred through the mooring ropes to a generator.  An electronic feedback loop stabilizes power output by automated height control and protects the buoy from storms.


Responsible: Sofie Baeten


Sentea has the ambition to become a market leader in fiber optic sensor interrogators leveraging the benefits of Silicon Photonics. Fiber optic sensing allows for highly accurate and robust structural health monitoring solutions, predicting and preventing failures even in the most harsh environments. Thanks to the use of Silicon Photonics, wind farms, civil structures, industry and transport will benefit from Sentea’s cost-effective fiber optic sensor interrogators.


Responsible: Sofie Baeten


Aloxy offers a modular industrial Internet of Things platform for the process and chemical industry. Their goal is to improve safety and efficiency, to automate processes and to deliver actionable insights into industrial operations. Aloxy’s initial product-line offers a solution for manual valve position indication and maintenance progress monitoring. Aloxy is a spin-off of imec and Universiteit Antwerpen.


Responsible: Sofie Baeten

Aquatic Science

Aquatic Science is a leader in the field of biological treatment of recreative waters. It conceives, produces and commercialises innovative filtration systems for ponds, pools and fountains. Aquatic Science’s technology is becoming a new standard in pool development, combining water quality, wellness, environmental protection and energy savings. With its branch on the first European market, France, Aquatic Science is expanding its activities internationally.


Responsible: Jean Van Nuwenborg


iFLUX develops and commercializes cartridges for in-situ inspection of soil contamination. The patented technology allows to measures the speed and direction of contaminant spreading underground over a certain period. The data generated in turn allow for reduced contamination risks and/or more targeted soil remediation strategies. Leveraging their knowhow, iFLUX has the ambition to develop real-time sensors and become active over the entire water chain.


Responsible: Sofie Baeten

EyeD Pharma

EyeD Pharma is a pharmaceutical company dedicated to the development of innovative drug products in ophthalmology. EyeD Pharma is also offering surgical products to ophthalmologists who need the highest high products for their clinical practice.


Responsible: Jean Van Nuwenborg
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